Texas Online Horse Betting

You would think that Texas considers gambling more leniently compared to other states in the US. However, this is not the case. The Lone Star State hosts some of the strictest laws in all of the country. 

Some forms of betting are considered a big no-no. But the latest news implies that things are changing and that Texas online sports betting may be allowed soon. 

Horse betting, on the other hand, does not fall under this category. However, the same cannot be said for Texas online horse betting after passing the act to prohibit advance deposit wagering. 

Texas is the home of some of the most popular horse annual races in the USA. The Lone Star Park, Retama Park, and Sam Houston Race Park are just some of the most prominent venues. 

Texas Horse Betting

With very strict laws, Texas is one of the US states that views gambling as strictly as possible. There are not a lot of ways to gamble there, except bingo and the Texas lottery, the only legal forms. 

The only existing casinos in Texas are the native ones. Horse and Greyhound betting still exists but with the Texas Racing Act passed in 2011, its popularity greatly diminished. 

Before the act, Texas online horse betting was very much a thing and was allowed. But the amendment prohibited advance deposit wagering, making Texas online horse betting completely illegal. 

However, one can still go to the actual racetrack and place wagers. There are currently six racetracks located in Texas, which are still very much popular. But with the possibility of online gambling legalized in Texas, we might see a comeback of Texas online horse betting as well.  

Texas Racebooks

It is hard to tell when Texas online horse betting is going to become legal. Some are more positive about it and predict a swift resolution while others think that it will take a considerable amount of time due to the fact of the Texas Governor being openly against it. 

So for now, we can only make certain assumptions about the potential Texas Racebooks. There is no doubt that some of the most prominent providers are going to venture into this market and start offering substantial action. Regular bets like Win, Place, and Show are going to be present, but some advanced ones as well. 

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